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A Home purchase may be your single largest investment. Choose your Home Inspector wisely!


       Our Services Include: 

  • Home Inspections
  • Septic Evaluations
  • Well Inspections
  • Water Testing
  • Radon Testing
  • Call for more...

Septic Evaluation


Licensed POWTS Inspector #1234130

Septic Systems (Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems) can be very costly to replace. Our reports will help you understand the systems, whether they comply with required codes and how they function, which are very important to understand during your process.

Well Inspection


Licensed Well Inspector #8099

Well Inspections include a code compliance inspection, cover the operation of the system/components and include the state required property transfer well water tests for Coliform Bacteria, Nitrate & Arsenic. 

Note: Lenders may require additional water tests. 

About Us

Knowledgeable Home Inspection Experts


Diligent, Knowledgeable, Experienced.

Three very important traits you should be looking for when choosing your Home Inspector. 

 From our initial conversation to the time we send you your computerized   report, you won't find another Professionally Licensed Inspection  Company more diligent & committed to looking out for your best  interests. 

We'll help keep you grounded on the basic facts that we've  observed during the inspection, concerning the major concerns, safety  hazards and any necessary improvements needed. 

Providing peace of mind  for you, your family, and ultimately your investment. 

Sometimes, It's More Than Just Little Things...


Sure, sometimes things just may be obvious! 

Clients often comment on our attention to detail and the level of professionalism & experience that's applied when inspecting their home.


We provide  our clients with the straight-forward information about their new or  existing home, well, septic or other systems. We'll separate the Major  Concerns, Safety Hazards, Improvement Items and items to Monitor,  including highlights and color photos in your report.

Compiling  that information into a computerized report for a quick turnaround,  easy to read & understand. Providing the Client with a better  understanding of the home & systems, to you help make an informed,  educated decision.

All Inspectors are the same, right??


 If you're making the purchase decision for your Home based on it's Quality, not just on its price, then why should the decision process about choosing your Inspector be  handled any different? 

Experience & understanding counts! From the foundation wall pillar/post and on up to the roof framing & coverings. Prior to becoming a licensed Inspector, I've had hands-on experience working in/with several areas of the construction trades.
However, your inspector should not have any interest in performing any type of repair work either during or following your inspection as performing repair or remodel work for a client within 2 yrs after the inspection violates WI Stat. RL 440.978 (2) (i).)

Inspecting is our only Full-time Job!

So, whether it's the Home Inspection, Well/Pressure System Inspection, Well Water Testing, Private Septic System Evaluation, Radon Testing, or any other area of your home, You can be confident retaining our services for all your inspection needs.


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We're ready to help!

Please complete the required fields to request your inspections and confirm whether any special testing, water tests, etc are needed (ex. VA Loans require additional well water tests).

Well Water testing is done Monday-Thursday (water samples are time sensitive). 

If you have technical questions or special requests, please call 715-529-8715. 

We look forward to helping you!

Northwest Home Inspection Services, LLC

Rice Lake, WI 54868, US

Call: (715) 529-8715


Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed 


Here's A Small Sample Of Feedback We get From Our Clients...


Katie, RL, WI

"We thought you did a  great job with the details and photos in the report.  My dad also  commented that he thought you were very thorough and did a great job as  well.  Thank you so much!" 

Steve, Columbia Heights, MN

"Thanks Tim.  You've been a great source of info.  I really appreciate it."

Keith, Rice Lake, WI

"Thanks  Tim. I appreciate all you've done for my family. Thanks for your  patience and willingness to take time to teach me about the new place.  I'll highly recommend you to anyone else that may need your services."

Jason, Chippewa Falls, WI

"Thank you Tim, This is a very nice and thorough report. I appreciate the contractor list too."

Peggy, Danbury, WI

"Thank you again for your expertise.  You did a great job and are truly a thorough inspector."

Samantha, Rice Lake, WI

"Your  report is wonderful and very detailed…it blows me away compared to the  report I got on my current home when I purchased it in 2005.  I will let  you know if we have any questions.  This has been a wonderful  experience and I appreciate you doing such a thorough job.  Thanks for  explaining everything so well too."

Deborah, Comstock, WI

"We want to thank you again for your work in the inspection of our home. You were extremely thorough  and exceptionally helpful in explaining items and helping e to  understand the ins and outs of our new home. I appreciated the many tips  you gave me to help bring our new home to the safest level an make it  sound for many years to come." 

Doug, Rice Lake, WI

"Thank you for sending the Inspection Report.  You did a very thorough and professional job!"

Scott, Cameron, WI

"You never quit for people, do you??? You are awesome!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!

It wouldn't even be a possibility without you and your speedy turnaround!!!! So, we can't thank you enough!!!"

Nancy, Spooner, WI

"I  want to thank you for doing this inspection for me. You did a very  thorough and professional job. It has been a real pleasure working with  you on this. The seller will be notified of the defects and will either  make the necessary repairs or cancel the contract. I'm extremely pleased  with having hired you for this inspection. I would recommend you to  anybody else needing your services. Best wishes."

Lauren, Cumberland, WI

"Thanks so much for your inspection. It was amazing to work with you- you're clearly great at your job."

Patty & Chas, Wascott, WI

"Chas and I were very impressed with the amount of time you spent in your  inspection and also in explaining to us what you found while we were  there. You are thorough and we knew that you were going to be someone we trusted when all was said and done."

Kim, Rice Lake, WI

"Thank you for getting the report back to us and for all your help yesterday."

Rich & Deb, Spooner, WI

"Rich and I really appreciate the thorough inspection you did on the Wi. property.

The information you sent us was very helpful and detailed.

We didn't know we were going to have pictures too, which really shows clearly what's going on."

Jordan, Rice Lake, WI

"I have read the entire report and I would first off like to say thank  you. I am thoroughly impressed by the amount of work and detail given. I  appreciate all of your help and hard work.
Thank you again."

Richard, Hayward, WI

"Thanks Tim, Wow your report validates the need for a professional inspection.  Thanks for being so thorough.   Our initial walk through, the house looked well maintained.  Frankly,  we are surprised, if not disappointed with the major deficiencies you  found.  Thank you for your services."

Bruce, Omaha, NE

"Thanks Tim so much.  
I appreciate the extra effort here in such a short time frame." 

Alison, Barron, WI

"Thank you again for doing the inspection for us, we really appreciate your knowledge and opinion!" 

Cyndi, Spooner, WI

"Your report is done with such nice detail.  Thank you so much for your help.  We appreciate it a lot!  Have a good day."

Kate, Rice Lake, WI

"Thank you for compiling the report so quickly. We have looked through it and it appears thorough. We appreciate you taking the time to show and discuss each issue with us in person."

Kathy, Rice Lake, WI

"Your thorough inspection and report enabled me to make a smart decision by not purchasing the property."

Myselle, Chippewa Falls, WI

"Tim is super thorough and welcoming and educating.  Took the time to  explain things.  Super friendly as well! Definitely will recommend to  people!"  

Susan, Amery, WI

"Thank you so much for the prompt, professional, thorough report you have provided." 

Michael, Rice Lake, WI

"The report was nicely done, we appreciate all of the detail."

Tim, Minong, WI

"Thank you Tim for the thorough inspection and spending time with me on Thursday."

Nan, Danbury, WI

"Thanks for the clarification. I’m a newby to septic systems and their workings.  I appreciate your thorough work and inspection report."

Judy, Rice Lake, WI

"I appreciate the detail, I’m certain I will refer back to this many times for future reference.  You definitely were very thorough and went thru a lot of information  with me.  I appreciate your patience."

Austin, Weyerhauser, WI

"Thank you! My dad said that you did an amazing job checking everything and were very thorough."



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